8 Kdramas We’re Super Excited To See In May 2018

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Summer is here, for some it means that its time they put on their bikinis and hit the beach for others it means there is a new set of Kdramas about to be released.

Us, Kdrama fans will have the last laugh and will enjoy our time better than anyone else, as a fellow kdrama fan I assure you this, because once you see this list of the upcoming May 2018 kdramas you will be jumping in happiness.

Lee Joon Gi, Lee Sung Kyung, INFINITE L, Chang Ki Yong, Rain, Hwang Jung Eum and Namgoong Min are just some of the huge stars making their drama comebacks this month.

Let’s explore the treasures ahead.

“Lawless Lawyer”

Actors Lee Joon Gi, Seo Ye Ji, Lee Hye Young, Choi Min Soo, Yeom Hye Ran, Shin Eun Jung, Ahn Nae sang, Lee Han Wi, and Lee Dae Yeon lead the upcoming drama.

“Lawless Lawyer” is taking on the time slot of “Live,” it tells the story of a lawyer named Bong Sang Pil who uses his fists to fight against corruption and a hot-headed lawyer who joins him in his fight for justice.

Lee Joon Gi plays the role of Bong Sang Pil, a former gang member who becomes a lawyer; he treats law books as compliance manual and prefers solving problems using his fists.

Seo Ye Ji plays the role of Ha Jae Yi, a female who has lived her life on her own accords ever since she was in kindergarten. She decided to become a great lawyer who fights injustice but ends up getting demoted after attacking a judge. She meets Bong Sang Pil a fellow lawyer and gets entangled with him.

“Lawless Lawyer” has already aired its first episode on May 12 and even achieved impressive viewership ratings for its premiere.

“Lawless Lawyer” has been attracting lots of attention for being Lee Joon Gi’s 2018 comeback drama. Fans are impressed with the drama premiere, weekends have gotten even better!

“Miss Hammurabi”

INFINITE’s L, Sung Dong Il, Ryu Deok Hwan, Lee Elijah and Go Ara lead the upcoming Monday-Tuesday JTBC drama “Miss Hammurabi.”

The upcoming JTBC drama is a realistic court drama that is set to focus on the lives of three judges with three different personalities. Park Cha Oh Reum is the ideal passionate judge, while Im Ba Reun is the ‘play by the book’ judge, and Han Sae Sang the realistic head judge.

The drama is taking a different approach to the average court room drama, instead of focusing on huge scandalous cases; the drama will focus on smaller relatable realistic cases.

The writer of the original novel that the drama is based on will also be writing the drama, Judge Moon Yoo Suk is going to write the drama script, using his first-hand experience, he will help give the drama the realistic touch it needs.

The drama is directed by director Kwak Jung Hwan, who’s works include “Slave Hunters,” “The Fugitive Plan B,” and “The K2.”

Go Ara plays the role of Park Cha Oh Reum, the passionate rookie judge who can’t contain herself when she sees injustice taking place. She is positive and has charisma that draws people to her side.

INFINITE’s L plays the role of Im Ba Reun, the elite judge who is all about following the book. He is good looking and intelligent, despite his image, he only wants to live a quiet life and has no interest in climbing up the career ladder. He often gets into arguments with Park Cha Oh Reum over what happens in court.

Sung Dong Il plays the role of Han Sae Sang. Someone who became a judge belatedly, he understands reality better than most of his peers. He uses his wisdom to balance between Park Cha Oh Reum and Im Ba Reun.

Ryu Deok Hwan plays the role of Jung Bo Wang; this is the actor’s first role after returning from the military. His character is known as antenna of the judge community because of his many friendships and connections, he’s also been a friend of INFINITE’s L character since middle school.

Lee Elijah plays the role of Lee Do Yeon, a cold judge who keeps her private life hidden well, she works hard non-stop and flawlessly.

The drama will air its first episode on May 21st.

“Come Here And Give Me A Hug”

Chang Ki Yong, Heo Joon Ho and Jin Ki Joo will lead the highly anticipated upcoming drama.

The drama first attracted attention after the script was initially offered for Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk, the two turned down offers to lead the upcoming drama, which made fans even more curious to see who will end up playing the lead roles.

“Come Here And Give Me A Hug” is about a romance that develops between two people who have been hurt by murders that occurred in the past. It’s a drama that will focus on healing and hope.

Heo Joon Ho is taking on the role of the serial killer and he is going to be a lead figure that links both characters.

Chang Ki Yong is taking on the role of a police officer named Chae Do Jin, his father is the serial killer who killed Jin Ki Joo’s character parents, while Jin Ki Joo is playing the role of the actress who lost both her parents at a young age, she tries to live her life happily despite her painful past.

The upcoming drama will air after “Let’s Hold Hands Tightly And Watch The Sunset,” it will air its first episode on May 16.

“Wok of Love”

Jang Hyuk, 2PM’s Junho and Jung Ryeo Won lead the upcoming SBS drama “Wok of Love.”

2PM’s Junho took on his first leading role in a major broadcasting station following his first lead role in cable channel JTBC with “Just Between Lovers,” he plays the role of chef Soe Poong, he is talented and was very famous but due to a series of events he downgraded to a Chinese restaurant and his business is failing.

Jang Hyuk plays the role of Doo Chil Sung, a moneylender and someone who spent time in jail.

Jung Ryeo Won plays the role of Dan Sae Woo, a chaebol daughter who refuses congratulatory wedding money but still takes a lot of money from her dad as a ‘wedding allowance.’ Her life changes after she stumbles upon a restaurant and eats a bowl of jajangmyun.

The drama is penned by writer Seo Sook Hyang whose previous works include “Jealousy Incarnate” and “Pasta.” It will be directed by the same director who worked on “Suspicious Partner.”

“Wok of Love” took over the time slot previously occupied by “Should We Kiss First,” it has already aired its first episode back on May 7.

“The Undateables”

“The Undateables” tells the story of Hoon Nam, a man who is a love theorist who knows all about love but refuses to date, and Jung Eum, a woman who dreams of finding love and dating, but chooses to give up on that because of her current situation.

Hoon Nam will be played by Namgoong Min.

The drama will be directed by Kim Yoo Jin the man who directed “Tamra the Island,” after receiving the cast offer, Hwang Jung Eum finally confirmed she is taking on the lead role back in March.

This is her first drama since two years following 2016’s “Lucky Romance,” it is also attracting attention for being the second collaboration between Hwang Jung Eum and Namgoong Min, they previously shared the screen in MBC’s “Can You Hear My Heart?” in 2011.

“The Undateables” will air its first episode on May 23rd following the conclusion of “Switch: Change The World.”


Rain, Lee Dong Gun, Lee Sun Bin and Im Hwa Young will lead the upcoming drama.

“Sketch” is an investigation action that draws stories of the fate and love of those struggling to change a certain future.

The script is written by Kang Hyun Sung; his previous works include tvN’s “Hidden Identity,” MBC’s “Chosun Police Season 3,” and film “The King’s Case Note.”

Rain is taking on the role of detective Kang Dong Su, a smart detective who uses his intuition to solve crimes; after his fiancé is murdered he throws himself to the case and tries his best to uncover the truth.

Lee Sun Bin is taking on the lead female role and will play the detective who has good ability to sketch out drawing of what will take place three days in future, while Im Hwa Young will play the a smart character who is the brain of her team.

Lee Dong Gun is taking on the role of sergeant Kim Do Jin; he will plot revenge to find whoever killed his pregnant wife.

The drama will air its first episode on May 25 following the conclusion Of “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.”

“About Time”

The upcoming romance drama tells the story about a woman who can see people’s life expectancies as well as her own, and a man who is able to pause the countdown to the end of her time, they fall in love.

Lee Sung Kyung will take on the role of musical actress Choi Michaela; she is a person who has the unfortunate fate of being able to see people’s lifespan. She tries to live her life accepting her fate, once she meets Lee Do Ha, she holds on him and gains hope in life.

Lee Sang Yoon is taking on the role of Lee Do Ha, a chairman of a cultural foundation. Before meeting Choi Michaela, he didn’t know of his abilities. He ends up giving in for Choi Michaela’s attempts to seduce, threaten and even cutely obsess over him.

Lee Seo Won plays the role of Jo Jae Yoo, a musical genius, despite his talent; he is extremely cold and picky.

PD Kim Hyung Sik is directing the drama; he has previously worked on many popular dramas such as “Sign,” “Ghost,” “Secret Door,” and “Twenty Again.” This is his second collaboration with actor Lee Sang Yoon; they previously worked together on “Twenty Again.”

The drama will air its first episode on May 21st, following the conclusion of “You Who Forgot Poetry.”

“Secret Mother”

The SBS drama “Secret Mother is led by Song Jae Rim, Song Yoon Ah, Kim Tae Woo, and Kim So Yeon.

“Secret Mother” is a mystery thriller that will tell the story of a secretive mysterious surrogate mother who enters a house of a woman who hides the secret behind her child’s death. It will deal with the term of ‘surrogate mother’ in which a female carries the child of another male and female.

Song Yoon Ah plays the role of a former doctor turned full housewife Kim Yoo Jin. After her father’s death she becomes the head of the medical foundation, she then marries her husband and becomes pregnant. This is her first drama in two years following tvN’s “The K2.”

Kim Tae Woo plays the role of a police chief officer who graduated with honorable degree, he is Song Yoon Ah’s on-screen husband.

Song Jae Rim plays the role Ha Jung Hwan, a homicide detective; he is blunt and selfish but a persistent character that follows through with his actions.

Kim So Yeon plays the role Lisa Kim, the surrogate mother to children studying in the US and living in her homestay. This is her first drama since 2016’s “Happy Home,” the drama where she met her husband Lee Sang Woo.

“Secret Mother” took over the time slot previously occupied by “Good Witch” and already aired its first episode on May 12.

Which Korean drama are you most excited about? Which ones have you watched yet?

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