We Need To Talk About A PINK’s Namjoo’s Plastic Surgery, LEAVE HER ALONE


I have tried not to discuss this matter or do an article about it hoping it would just go away and people would stop, but some are very harsh and this is why I am making this video today.

I am of the mindset that you have the right to talk about idols dramas, movies and songs and whether you like any of them or not, what they do in their private lives (as long as they’re not hurting others) is none of our business.

Apink Namjoo attended an event with the rest of her group members recently and people were up in arms about her changed appearance. The group is currently preparing for a comeback scheduled for April 19.

Since late March people have been talking about Namjoo’s changed appearance. Their agency didn’t comment about the matter back then, but they were forced to comment something after April 13.

On April 13, the girl group attended the “2018 African Development Bank – Korea Africa Economic Cooperation Conference” as the official endorsement models.

People were very busy talking about Namjoo again who stole the spotlight with her changed looks, the majority didn’t like her new look, some were even mocking her nose and her eyes.

Plan A, their agency had to comment something and they said,

“There is nothing to say.”

You’d think people would mind their own business after this statement but then you’d be wrong. Her name went up on to number 1 on Realtime search, some accusing her of trying to be like Park Bom using her Plastic surgery for attention, many were commenting that it looked especially bad.

Whether it looks good or bad is with all honesty not my/your opinion. Its clear that she has done plastic surgery and it is shocking that she has done it such a long time after she debuted but its not up for you to decide whether it looks good or bad or to criticize her for that.

I wonder how stressed she must’ve felt to go under the knife, people comments must’ve scared her, and its so sad just thinking about how she must be feeling right now after reading those mean comments.

Of course, this article is directed more towards knetizens who just refuse to leave the woman the hell alone. (I am not generalizing, don’t worry)

But they can be harsh, some of the comments are so damn scary and people make it look like its their own damn business.

The international community is slightly better, but I have also seen some very nasty comments, some calling her the female version of Michael Jackson, as if they don’t know why Michael Jackson started those surgeries to begin with.

Its very sad the world we live in today, that’s its okay to bully someone who was probably not happy with the way she looks and wanted to change it, the subject of whether it was a success or not is to be determined by her.

I don’t blame her for choosing to do that, I blame the society with the unrealistic beauty standards that forces idols to go under the knife, and when they do go under the knife, they blame them, ridicule them and criticize them for not loving themselves enough.

Do you get the contrast? My head hurts because of those online bullies!

I wish Namjoo all the best! I hope that she doesn’t read all those online hurtful comments that will probably only make her feel worse about herself!

Leave the woman alone!


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