Hair is an important part of anyone’s appearance, and sometimes when your idol changes his/her hairstyle their complete look changes.

From short to long to trendy hairstyles, Kpop idols and actors in general change their hair style too many times for various reasons depending on many factors.

BIGBANG’s leader Gdragon, for example, is known for experimenting with various bold hair styles ranging from short to tall to completely outrageous.

An online user thought that it would be a fun quirky idea to share photoshop some of Korea’s biggest personalities going bold.

The results sparked an online frenzy and debate with many Kdrama and Kpop fans asking whether you’d still love your oppa if he looked like this.

Here are some of the photos the online user photoshopped.

Which one shocked you the most? Would you be willing to date your oppa if he looked like this? Share this article with your Kpop and Kdrama friends to confuse them!


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