Tuesday 17th April ratings are in, and as expected KBS 2TV “The Miracle We Met” was the top rated drama of its time slot and the only drama with double digit viewership ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, KBS 2TV “The Miracle We Met” rated 10.5% which is lower than its previous episode but still the highest rated drama.

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SBS’s “Shall We Kiss First” rated 8% and 9.3% which is higher than its previous episode, SBS “Shall We Kiss First” is putting on a good fight and quickly narrowing the ratings gap with KBS 2TV “The Miracle We Met.”

The last place went to MBC’s “The Great Seducer,” the drama rated 1.9% which is slightly higher than its previous episode. The drama continues to struggle getting back up to the 2% mark.

Source: Nielsen Korea


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