Suzy Admits She Doesn’t Trust People Easily, Talks About How Her Acting Improved


Idol-actress Suzy was the cover model of Marie Claire Taiwan April issue. She took a couple of photos and then sat down for an interview were she spoke about how she grew as an actress over the years and her most recent album “Face of Love.”

She opened up about her acting experience and her beginnings, she said,

“Back then I didn’t understand what acting really was, I filmed when I debuted, so there were a lot of shortcomings from my side. Since then I grew and learned a lot. In my most recent work ‘while You Were Asleep’ I had a job and I felt that I grew.

In ‘Dream High’ I was a high school student, this time I had a job and I was able to show a mature side of me. For ‘while You Were Asleep’ I showed a different side of myself.”

She also revealed how her perception of maturity changed over the years,

“When I was younger, I wanted to look more mature. Now I wish I was younger and cuter. This made me think to myself, ‘Im not young anymore.’ as time passes I am becoming more calm.”

She also revealed that she doesn’t trust people easily, she said,

“I don’t believe/trust people easily. I am always suspicious and draw boundaries. However, when I trust someone, I trust them fully.”


  1. Suzy is the last person I would trust. I believe she is a typical social climber , and one who chooses men that are popular so she can use them to get more publicity. She is pretty now, because she is young. Her latest music was awful, as well as her acting compared to actresses with real ability! Sorry. But at the rate she is going with men. She will be all used up by 25!


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