Stills Of Lee Sung Kyung And Kim Min Jae In Upcoming Movie “Wrestler” Released


The upcoming Korean movie “Wrestler” starring Yoo Hae Jin, Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Min Jae is gearing up for its premiere and has released new stills featuring its main cast.

“Wrestler” tells the story of Gwi Bo (Yu Hae Jin), a wrestler who has been doing housework for his home for the past 20 years and his son Sung Woong (Kim Min Jae) who is a wrestler. Ga Young is Sung Woong’s girlfriend but she ends up having a crush on his father.

The upcoming movie attracted attention for being actress Lee Sung Kyung first movie project since her debut as an actress.

The newly released photos are of the three main leads in the upcoming movie, there is a still that features Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Min Jae, another still shows the fatherly bond between Kim Min Jae and Yoo Hae Jin’s characters.

Check out the rest of the stills below!

“Wrestler” will premiere on May 9.


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