Rain and Lee Dong Gun look sharp in first released stills of their upcoming drama “Sketch.”

“Sketch” will revolve around an investigation team who will try to change the future which has been already set.

Rain is taking on the role of detective Kang Dong Su, a smart detective who uses his intuition to solve crimes; after his fiancé is murdered he throws himself to the case and tries his best to uncover the truth.

Lee Dong Gun is taking on the role of sergeant Kim Do Jin; he will plot revenge to find whoever killed his pregnant wife.

Rain transformed into a detective in the recently released stills, he is holding a gun up as if he’s pointing to someone, while Lee Dong Gun is serious in his military uniform, he looks like a man on a mission.



The drama also released stills of Lee Sun Bin sporting a short haircut and looking frankly worried, she is playing the role of detective Yoo Shi Hyun who has the ability to sketch 72 hours into the future, she teams up with Kang Dong Su to stop crimes from happening.



The upcoming drama airs its first episode in May after “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” comes to an end.


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