Park Min Young Joins Park Seo Joon In “Why Secretary Kim?”

Park Min Young is making her 2018 drama comeback alongside Park Seo Joon, a source confirmed on April 6.

“Why Secretary Kim?” is a drama adaptation of the popular webtoon series with the same name. It tells the story of a perfect narcissistic second-generation chaebol named Lee Young Joon. He has an assistant working for him, her name is Kim Mi So.

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She has been working for him for 9 years and has never dated, one day she submits her resignation to him causing him to freak out.

She will play the notorious secretary Kim Mi So; she works for Yoo Il Group’s vice president. She is a legend in her field, and will do anything to get the results she wants.

The drama is already drawing attention because of the production company that’ll be working on it. Bon Factory has previously worked on some of the most popular kdramas such as “Master’s Sun,” “She was Pretty,” and “Deserving of the Name.”

The drama will be directed by Park Joon Hwa, whose most recent work includes “Because This is My First Life.”

“Why Secretary Kim?” is set to begin airing in June taking over Wed. & Thu. 21:30 time slot currently occupied by “My Mister.”

My Thought

I am happy with the pairing but why? whyyyyyyy?

For a second I thought that Park Seo Joon was done with repetitive annoying kdrama scripts we’re so used to see.

Another drama of an asshole chaebol who falls in love with the bright bubbly female character that works for him, the drama script is too familiar, its even similar to his previous drama “She Was Pretty,” oh god! whyyyyyyy~

I will try not to be too pessimistic but the plot outline isn’t that promising, I will be checking out the drama but I don’t know whether I’d still watch if the drama is just what I predict it to be. For now, I’ll cross my fingers and wish that it will be good!

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