Park Bo Young Remembers Her Former On-Screen Husband, Sends Park Hyung Sik A Gift


Park Bo Young still supports and remember her former on-screen lover, the actress was revealed to have recently sent Park Hyung Sik a coffee and churros truck to the set of his drama “Suits.”

Last year, while Park Bo Young was filming for her upcoming movie “Your Wedding,” Park Hyung Sik sent the cutest truck with a sweet caption rejecting her upcoming on-screen marriage to actor Kim Young Kwang.

The same churros and coffee truck company that he used was used by Park Bo Young.

The sign next to truck was captioned with,

“I support ‘Suits’! Hwaiting boss!’

The top banner on the truck was also very cute, she wrote,

“Congratulations to Ahn Min Hyuk on changing jobs! From your former secretary Bong Soon.”

Park Bo Young was referring to her character name from their previous hit drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.”

Fans miss the two interacting so much, they were very happy to learn that they’re still supporting each other.

“Suits” airs its first episode today.

Aren’t those two the cutest?


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