“My Ahjussi” Episode 6 Review And Recap

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“My Ahjussi” episode 6 continues to be intriguing and emotionally exhausting for the most part, Dong Hoon ahjussi needs a hug and I would like to volunteer.

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, I just really feel bad for Dong Hoon ahjussi, I want to give him a big hug and just apologize for everything that has happened even though I have nothing to do with it.

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But Imma drop a bomb shell on y’all! For the first time since I started watching this drama I am a little bit frustrated with the episode but not in a good way.

Episode 6 was lagging and some scenes could have been rushed a little bit to accommodate the pacing, this episode felt especially long, I felt like we were to reach a climax of some sort but was not rewarded.

Its not that I expected anything grand giving the nature of Dong Hoon’s character but I still felt like things needed to move a bit faster, I liked the pacing so far but in episode 6 I felt that 4~8 minutes could’ve been easily edited out and it wouldn’t have affected the drama.

Onto the quick recap.

In short, Dong Hoon’s confirms his worst nightmare, his wife Yoon Hee is cheating on him with the younger company CEO, CEO Do Joon Young. Gwang Il visits Ji An and beats her up again, Dong Hoon decides to take action towards the end of the episode.

One of the things I was also frustrated with was Chang ki yong’s character, its not getting the screening time it deserves. It’s frustrating because he’s such an exceptional actor that is doing way better than I had expected, giving the fact that he is a model-turned-actor.

I have watched him grow for the past couple of years, I would really appreciate it if we saw more of him in this drama. He plays such a vital role in Ji An’s life, more attention needs to be paid to his character, although a part of me is sure that her issue with him be resolved and the focus will shift some time during the upcoming episodes.

You can’t blame me guys, I just want to see his face a bit more!

I can understand his frustration since she killed his father, I do know that his father was an awful human being and we have confirmed for ourselves from the previous episodes but a part of me can’t really hate him for expressing his pain that way.

This will never justify the fact that he laid hands on a weak woman, but someone like him has never known any better. I am also sure that he hates himself because  he likes her as a person, there are conflicting feelings inside of him, he likes her but the same time he loathes her for killing his father and he hates himself for liking her.

What I predicted has happened in episode 6, and as expected Dong Hoon did not take action and it took him until the last minutes of episode 6 to get movin’.

I know that everyone deals with pain differently, but I must admit I never came across a man who would be so calm and nervous after finding out that his wife has cheated on him.

He couldn’t bring himself to confront her about her infidelity, a part of me believes that he does not really have much love for her, neither she does, she feels guilty towards him and he feels cold towards her.

This explains his rather intimidated calm demeanor when he found out that she was cheating on him with someone who is younger than him who happens to be the CEO of the company he works at and was at a point his hoobae.

That was what the reckless part of me thinks, but if I were to look at it from Dong Hoon’s point of view, its obvious why he’d do this, his marriage would obviously be over.

This will affect him, his son and his family members who think that everything is going great with Dong Hoon and his wife when in fact hell is about to break loose.

It also hurts his pride admitting that, especially since its CEO Do Joon Young, his hoobae who not only climbed to the top but also took his wife from him.

I also am a bit annoyed that they keep bringing up the scenario of the fact that someone who used to be his Junior in college is now the CEO, I don’t understand what do they need to bring up this thing every single fucking time when they discuss Dong Hoon and the CEO, it’s at the point where it’s becoming repetitive and its starting to get on my nerves.

I like the interactions between Ji An and Dong hoon again, the way he scolds her for punching someone who works under him at the dinner, and the way he asks her to pretend that she doesn’t know anything about him, it broke my heart and honestly had me tearing up.

We all have secrets that we want no one to find out about, the way Ji An talked about it was very moving and very heartbreaking, especially to me, since its something that I could relate to as well, something that I think a lot of people can relate to.

It’s very difficult to live the life hiding a big secret and hoping no one ever finds out and wondering whether they know that or not when they first meet you. You feel anxious and trapped, ‘why are they looking at me like that? Do they know? What do they know?’  you ask yourself.

Of course, in Ji An’s case it’s a lot more difficult but still something all of us can relate to.

I am still partially annoyed (in a good way) by actress choi Yoo Ra and her relationship to Gi Hoon, even after he tells her that his life went downhill because of her, she still has no pride and comes back to him, she weeps about how she’s good for nothing and he ends up feeling sorry for her.

My question is, why on earth did he start a movie with her as the lead? I mean, didn’t’ she audition? how come he didn’t know that she sucked before he cast her and she ruined his career?

There are two possible answers to my questions, he either knew of that and because he liked her he hired her for the role or that he was forced to by an executive or an investor.

The second option is the most likely scenario. She is still very adorable and has such a cute smile of a dumb pretty lady, I like Nara’s acting so far.

You gotta excuse me guys, I ranted a lot today, I am just a little frustrated.

I wish that we’ss see some action in episode 7, the drama is still one of the best I have seen in 2018 so far, its too damn relatable. I don’t know at this stage, do you guys also relate to the drama or am I the only one?

What did you think of episode 6? Lets discuss in the comment section below!

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  1. Always love when there’s an interaction between Ji-an & Doon Hong. It’s like they’re speaking in code only the both of them understand. And i found Yu-ra annoying. Haha.

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