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Throughout  the majority of episode 5 all I could think of was how can I come and give Dong Hoon a hug, even though I had nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to give the man a big hug and just thank him for everything that he has done so far for his family and for his wife and say that I am sorry.

I’m not here to pretend that he is a perfect human being because he is not, he is inconsiderate towards his wife in a way and things are cold between them because his mind always wanders back to his family, it probably never ever left.

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I still don’t really know what led up to the tense relationship between Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee, so I can’t really point fingers saying that he/she is a bad person but this does not make his wife cheating on him justified.


A short recap of episode 5. Dong Hoon is handed evidence of CEO Do possible wrongdoings, he ends up finding out that his wife is cheating on him, he is tense and upset throughout the majority of the episode, on top of that his subordinate causes him harm by confronting the CEO for mistreating Dong Hoon.


So, for the majority of episode 5 I just really wanted to punch Yoon Hee so bad and I wanted to punch his CEO Do so bad as well.

Human greed is the answer to the question that Ji An asked CEO Do.


Some men or people in general just have in with them, they like to spice things up in the worst ways possible even when they’re capable and are doing just fine. He is cheating on not just anyone but with Yoon Hee that is married to someone who works at the same company as him, if he ever gets caught; which will probably happen throughout the course of the drama; this will makes things even more horrible for him.

I feel like he has inferiority complex and cannot deal with it properly, he is jealous of Dong Hoon despite all that he has achieved, isn’t that why he also moved Dong Hoon into a different team?

I still don’t like Ji An’s character. If you haven’t noticed, I wasn’t really fond of her throughout reviewing this drama, I feel like she tries her best to attend to her grandmother and only that.


I’ve seen a lot of reviewers sympathizing and liking her character but this does not in any sense justify whatever she’s doing, nor does it make me like her because she is in a dire situation, I do find her interesting.

We did see a glimpse of Hope in her because when we thought that Dong Hoon was trying to commit suicide she tried her best to stop him from doing that. I just really never understood the real reason why she never committed suicide to begin with, her strong will surprises me and I must say that this is one of the things that makes her such an interesting yet annoying character.



Ji An in a way feels sorry for Dong Hoon and relates to him so much, yet it still didn’t stop her from completing her Mission and handing the authorities something that would potentially end his career.


If you really care about someone, you wouldn’t help the bad guy bring him/her down. I feel like she is beginning to take interest more and more in him, this does not make me like her all of a sudden and doesn’t excuse the fact that she tried to ruin his life and she continues to try to do so, I bet he’ll be so hurt when he finds out.

Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee only share the same space together but they’re not really more than roommates.


This episode was both fun and frustrating at the same time I just wanted him to know that’s his wife is cheating and divorce the fuck out of her, maybe it’s too much to ask for and I know that his character would never end up doing something like this, but I still can’t help but wanting him to end all matters with her.

I’ve also paid attention to their ‘son,’ there is mystery shrouding the son, I have also yet to find out why they do not discuss him much, it might be that something bad might have happened to him and I also really doubt that they would send their son far away from them as the plot had suggested before.

It also doesn’t make any sense that he would be dead; because if he was, they would have brought up the topic already.


There are still some pictures of their son spread around the house, there might be a chance that he is staying with his relatives in America or Europe.

I still feel like something has happened to their son because in the drama they discussed a lot of things about Dong Hoon’s life explaining why he’s such a miserable man.

I’m not here to say that his life shouldn’t make him miserable but I still feel like there’s something that has to do with his son as well but it’s a little bit of a stretch to say that his son is dead.

So far the writer hasn’t disappointed me, I bet that the son issue will be something worth waiting for in the upcoming episodes.

In the episode the opposing team to CEO Do was discussing adding Dong Hoon to the board of higher authorities, it made me really happy, I’m really glad that they’re taking interest in him for a change and I was like ‘yes yes yes do something to make his life suck a little less.’

Nara has appeared for the first time in this episode, I was happy to see her and see her performance at last, I was wondering where she was.


I have watched her in “Suspicious Partner” and was very impressed with her acting capabilities. I think she has a bright future ahead of her, she does a very good job playing the clumsy actress who reached rock bottom.



I was taken back because in the plot outline it says that she was a rising actress, it didn’t say anything about her falling from the stars, there were many funny moments when she appeared on screen, it was also very annoying because of how selfish she was for thanking him for becoming a failure, my face was Sang Hoon’s face when she said that line.


I think a lot of people would like to live with less misery and would like to believe that they had nothing to do with ruining anybody’s life, her conscious probably made her life a misery, she also wants to live a comfortable life without knowing that she has ruin somebody’s life.

While growing up I learned that it might not always be the best thing to just say whatever you feel like or whatever is right, because you might end up hurting the people you love more then you imagine.

Humans sure are complicated, you have to hold back the words you want to say so bad even though its right, it’ll make you feel like you did the right thing if you uttered them but you end up hurting those you love only more. This was proven to me once again when Dong Hoon’s co-worker tried to stand up and say what everyone wanted to say to CEO Do’s face.



Before  I leave you, I would like to; again; fangirl over just how much I adore Dong Hoon, when he helped out Ji An push her grandmother without asking questions, my heart melted, I just… I can’t… I love Dong Hoon too much~


So tell me about you guys how did you feel about episode 5 let’s discuss the episode in the comment section below

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  1. It’s sad watching people with power makes people around despicable,but it’s a reality,I like the ways in this drama pr exposure Korean not only good things ,but bad things happen too

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