“My Ahjussi” Achieves Its Highest Viewership Ratings To Date With Recent Episode


tvN’s “My Ahjussi” has been making headlines for its relatable plot and very realistic setting, both national and international fans have fell in love with its plot, cast and direction.

The drama has been doing well and rising in ratings with each episode each week, it premiered with 3.9% nationwide, for this week’s episodes the 7th and 8th the drama achieved its highest ratings to date.

According to Nielsen Korea, the 7th episode which aired on Wednesday 11th April rated 4.48% nationwide which was its highest ratings record to date. The drama also broke the record reached with its 7th episode with episode 8 which aired on Thursday 12th of April.

The 8th episode rated 5.31% nationwide, which is the drama’s highest viewership ratings to date.

Have you been keeping up with tvN’s “My Ahjussi”?

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