Lotte Entertainment Releases An Apology After Insensitive Post Towards Lee Sung Kyung


Lotte Entertainment has made a huge PR mistake, one of its online marketing employees released photos of Lee Sung Kyung upcoming movie debut “Wrestler.”

The official instagram caption read,

“[Exclusive] Leaked photos of ‘A’ wearing tight clothes at the gymnasium.”

The caption rubbed fans the wrong way, the photos are that of the upcoming movie featuring Lee Sung Kyung in the gym making a cute pose, the caption angered netizens, in response, they changed the captioned and released an apology.

The person in charge of the online marketing team apologized for the wrong caption and explained that he/she had no bad intent with it, they also revealed that the intent was to show “Yoo Hae Jin’s character in a funny way to emphasize he’s a former wrestler.”

They also revealed that the post caption wasn’t changed to avoid responsibility but to not cause discomfort for fans.

How do you feel about this?


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