Kim So Hyun Complains About Lack Of Love Life, Says She Wants To Date


Actress Kim So Hyun recently sat down for an interview where she talked about herself, her dating experience and her most recently concluded drama “Radio Romance.”

Kim So Hyun’s first drama production after she turned 20 was KBS’s “Radio Romance,” the actress showed her gratitude for Yoon Doo Joon, Yura and Yoon Park who led the drama with her.

The actress opened up about her own dating experience and explained that she has zero knowledge, she has never dated before, she said,

“I’ve never dated anyone before. When I say this, no one believes me. But I really never once had a boyfriend before. I am at a point in my life where I’d love to say that I had a boyfriend. Even the camera director joked around set saying ‘I don’t feel the dating emotions.’ At such times, I wondered whether I needed to date.”

Kim So Hyun also explained that its difficult to express such strange emotions, she added,

“I would like to experience dating. Do I dream of being a CC (campus couple)? Never! I don’t want my first dating experience to have a black dark past.”

Do you believe that Kim So Hyun has never dated before? Where you shocked by what she said?

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My Thoughts

I thought that anyone could tell that she didn’t date before… its quiet obvious!

Its not that she’s lacking because she is an amazing actress that can portray a wide ray of emotions, I always felt that she has had a crush on someone before but never actually dated.

Kim So Hyun spent the majority of her life under the public eyes; I would actually be shocked if she had ever dated before. She is; too, aware of the attention she gets, I doubt her parents would so easily allow her to date about anyone afraid for her reputation and safety. One wrong move or dating ‘scandal’ when she was young could’ve ended her career, we all know how hurtful and crazy some netizens can be.

But its kinda sad nonetheless, that’s the problem with child stars, they grow up under the public eye and don’t get to experience average things we take for granted.

Hope you find a boyfriend one day So Hyun~


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