Actress Kim Hyun Joo has recently sent her previous on-screen younger brother Park Hyung Sik a snack truck to the set of his upcoming drama “Suits.”

Actress Kim Hyun Joo has previously worked with Park Hyung Sik on the 2014-2015 hit weekend drama “Whats Wrong With My Family.” The two shared such cute chemistry as brother and sister on screen.

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Recently, Actress Kim Hyun Joo sent Park Hyung Sik a snack cart , Park Hyung Sik posted two photos of the cart to his instagram following, he captioned the post,

“Hyun Joo sent this to me! There was no menu left! Why are the family members so nice to me? (referring to their drama together) Thank you noona!”

Park Hyung Sik is currently very busy filming for his upcoming dram a “Suits” which will premiere on April 25.


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