Actor Kim Bum has recently shocked fans while announcing that he is set to join the army later this month while also revealing that he had been struggling with a serious illness.

His agency released a statement confirming that he is to enlist on the 26th of April as a public services worker; they also revealed that he will go through basic military training first before serving as a public service worker.

The agency explained that the reason why will he is enlisting as a public service worker, they revealed that he has a condition that he has been getting treatment for since his early 20s, the agency revealed that he had tried to overcome the condition but failed to do so. He has been treating himself with medication and exercise ever since he discovered his illness.

The enlistment location won’t be revealed as requested by the actor himself, he’d like to enlist quietly.

Fans were pretty scared for his health after the news broke out; the illness he’s suffering from is hereditary as explained by his agency.

The agency has revealed that they don’t plan on revealing the details of his illness since it’s a private matter. National service is a sensitive subject to Koreans so everyone is being extra careful.

We wish Kim Bum the best! Please serve your country and come back safely!

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My Thoughts

Wow! This actually scared me! I was shocked when I found out that he suffered from an illness.

Hereditary basically means that it is passed down from family members; it must be serious enough for him to serve as a public service worker.

I know well that Koreans are pretty sensitive about military matters, the discussion of why some idols/actors/personalities get exempt from military or given leniency starts many heated discussions. I do understand why they get mad most of the time, I am glad that no one is making a big deal of this.

I wish Kim Bum all the best! I hope that he rests well and serves his country and come back with good health. Oh Yeon Seo unnie, please take good care of him!