Kang Dong Won Updates Fans On Kim Woo Bin’s Current Health State


Popular Korean actor Kang Dong Won has visited Singapore, Malaysia, and more to promote his new film “Golden Slumber.”

According to Taiwan’s ET Daily, Kang Dong Won talked about his popularity in these countries he recently visited and talked about his co-star Kim Woo Bin’s current health state.

Kang Dong Won talked about Singapore and said that the people didn’t know him well there; he revealed that he better work harder to become more famous.

He also addressed the topic of Kim Woo Bin’s health, they have both worked together on the film “Master.” he revealed that he stills keeps in touch with him and added,

“He is gradually recovering and gaining back his health.”

Kim Woo Bin has been diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and took a hiatus ever since focusing on his health; he released a personal handwritten letter to fans assuring them he was doing better back in late 2017.

Get well soon Kim Woo Bin!


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