IU Is Happy With Gifts Sent From Lee Joon Gi And Yoo In Na To The Set Of “My Ahjussi”

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IU is one lucky friend; two of her close friends have sent her food trucks to the set of her tvN drama “My Ahjussi.”

IU took to instagram to share photos of Lee Joon Gi’s churro and drinks truck that he sent to the set of her drama. In the banner he both cleverly promoted his upcoming drama “Lawless Lawyer” and cheered on his previous co-star IU.

In the banner in front of the truck he wrote,

“Isn’t it time your blood sugar is down?”

On the banner on the top of the truck, he wrote,

“My Ahjussi, I can give private loan-related legal consultation. Bong Sang Pil.”

Lee Joon Gi referred to his character name in the upcoming drama where he plays the role of a lawyer.

In response, IU thanked Lee Joon Gi and tagged him in the caption, she said,

“Just you wait, Gwang Il. If I have an attorney like Bong Sang Pil, Ji An won’t have any problems.”

Yoo In Na also sent a food truck to the set of IU, she captioned the banner with,

“’My Ahjussi’ team. You’re kind! Let’s be happy!”

울 언마 최고얌❤

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IU thanked Yoo In Na referring to her as her elder sister/mom.

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