How Does Jang Geun Suk Feel About “Switch: Change The World” Going Up Against “Suits” In The Ratings Battle?


Jang Geun Suk along with Han Ye Ri attended the press conference with “Switch: Change The World” held on April 25.

The stars of the drama sat down to answer reporters’ questions and were asked about the upcoming KBS drama “Suits” that is airing its first episode today and joining the viewership race.

Jang Geun Suk gave a very mature answer when asked if he worries about his competition, he said,

“I do not worry since those two dramas have different genres; the way they develop is also different. The broadcasting station might hate me for saying this, but I cannot afford to worry about my competition because I’m focusing on my drama. I am trying not to lose sight of my character. I don’t have such a burden.”

He also talked about the relatively low viewership ratings that his drama has at the moment, he said,

“I think it is dangerous to be shaken by the drama that is being evaluated by data numbers. I am doing my best with the script and I try not to be upset or shaken (by low ratings). “

Have you been keeping up with “Switch: Change The World”?

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My Thoughts

With all honesty, I dropped the drama two weeks ago, I have no time to watch it but I would love to catch up when I have the time, “Switch: Change The World” is interesting but as I report the ratings news I have noticed that each week the ratings keep getting lower.

I don’t believe that actors in general don’t get affected when ratings are low, but they don’t admit it because it makes you appear pity if you say you do, but for example, Yoo Seung Ho spoke candidly about his drama extremely low ratings “I am not a robot” he didn’t even shy away from it.

I like Jang Geun Suk’s mentality and the way he approaches the subject. I hope that he’s having fun filming alongside Han Ye Ri, in my opinion, he share great chemistry with her. I hope he’s not terribly sad about the relatively low ratings.

What do you think guys? Do you think the drama deserves the low ratings?


  1. I’m really enjoying Switch. I like the actors and the story. I didn’t watch the TV Program “Suits” on TV in the US so I doubt I will watch it in the Korean version – unless it’s very different. I will definitely choose Switch


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