Han Ye Seul Shares More Pictures Of Her Medical Accident


Actress Han Ye Seul has shared another graphic photo of her medical accident to her instagram account.

The actress has recently revealed that she suffered from serious medical accident after receiving a surgery to remove a lipoma, the hospital which she received the treatment at later released an explanation but no apology.

On April 23, the actress shared another recent photo of her accident, she captioned,

“This photo has been taken today… Really.. My heart is sinking…”

오늘 찍은 사진입니다 … 정말.. 너무 마음이 무너지네요..

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The actress also later thanked her followers by posting another selfie to her instagram, she captioned the photo,

“Thank you.. I will try to gain strength..”

감사해요. 힘낼께요.

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The doctor who has performed the surgery Professor Lee Ji Hyun had admitted his fault a couple of days ago through an interview on YouTube, he was interviewed by medical journalist Hong Hye Gul.

Check out his interview below.

[fusion_youtube id=”_UAgLWVShYI” alignment=”” width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=””][/fusion_youtube]

What do you think of this?

My Reaction

WOW, just wow! This is a disaster! I don’t blame unnie for the way she’s speaking out, in fact, I command what she’s doing, the hospital should have done it properly.

I am not saying that she should be treated any special because she’s an actress, but for someone like her, her entire figure is extremely important, its her lifeline. You can’t just butcher her arm like that!

The statement they released at first did them no good either, they were blaming and dodging the ball and treating what had happened as if it was nothing, they deserve the entire backlash they’re getting.

People should be aware of this place and avoid getting surgeries there. I just hope that someone can fix this! Praying for you unnie!

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