Han Ye Seul Expresses Her Frustration After Suffering From A Medical Malpractice


Actress Han Ye Seul took to Instagram to complain about the recent medical accident she suffered from, she was experiencing adverse side effects from a recent surgery.

On April 20, she shared a graphic photo of her arm and explained her situation, she said,

“I had a medical accident when I was undergoing surgery to remove a lipoma.

Even though it has been 2 weeks since my operation, there has been nothing done by the hospital. Honestly, and every day I go to the hospital for treatment, my heart is crumbling down. I do not think any compensation will be comforting.”

A lipoma is a small lump of fat that grows under the skin, in most cases, it’s classified as a benign tumor, they can be moved and are usually soft and painless.  The cause of this is usually unclear and can be attributed to various factors such as obesity, lack of physical exercise, and many other things.

When a lipoma causes discomfort to the person, they usually get removed surgically.

Her agency Key East also later explained that she was suffering from a medical accident and is visiting the hospital to receive treatment.


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