GOT7’s BamBam headed back to his country Thailand and on April 9 he showed up to find out whether he’d be one of the healthy young adults to serve in the Thai military.

In Thailand, every year a lottery is held in April, it determines which young adults will join the military, the potential recruits select a card out of a box, if they pick a red card they must serve the military for 2 years, if they select a black card, they’re exempt.

Men also have the option to volunteer for the military instead of taking part in the lottery.

GOT7’s BamBam had passed the healthy examination, he was exempt from the military, this happened because the required number of recruits was reached since many volunteered. He ended up leaving without having to pick a card from the box.

Fans had trended the hashtag #BamBamBlackcard on twitter, the hashtag drew in more than 4 million mentions, as fans anxiously anticipated the results of the lottery.

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My Thoughts

You guys, I am not even an iGOT7 and I was nervous and anxious for a while.

I woke up this morning to find out that today was the day he finds out whether he’d join the military or not, I didn’t know Thailand also had such a system, the more you know!

I am glad he was exempt, huge thanks to all the volunteers who will serve their country, god bless!

I must admit it was both fun and nerve racking to follow the hashtag on twitter!