Former 2NE1 Member Park Bom Drug Case Resurface, International Fans Furious

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Former 2NE1 Member Park Bom is yet again involved in controversy over her past drug use that was supposedly dealt with properly.

MBC’s “PD Note” broadcast on the 24th of April talked about the infamous Park Bom drug case which involved her smuggling drugs back to Korea, the drugs were forbidden and weren’t allow in South Korea.

In 2014, the case became so public affecting Park Bom severely. Back then YG Entertainment released a statement explaining that the drug is used to treat her depression and that she didn’t know the drugs weren’t allow in South Korea.

Her case was suspended, which means she was not investigated or punished for the smuggling.

MBC’s “PD Note” compared her case to a similar case from an employee of Samsung who was punished; he paid a fine and served time in jail. The employee had purchased 29 pills, back then Park Bom was revealed to have purchased 82 pills.

A lawyer revealed that it was very weird how the case was closed, the law expert said,

“She got the drug from someone else and sent it with jelly from the US. It’s not easy to understand how the case was closed so absurdly.”

Lawyer Cho Soohyun; a known lawyer who worked on many drug cases; explained that no Korean should be free after taking amphetamine to Korea. He added,

“The involved needs to be investigated and properly punished, no matter what the reason is.”

Here is the full video.

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What do you think of this? Do you understand the reasoning? Are you pissed like many other international fans?

My Reaction

First of all, I have one basic question… ‘why on earth are they opening this long gone subject once again?’

I mean what logical reason can you give me that would explain this being anything but a hit piece?

Aside from being a fan or anything similar to that. What they say is true, the suspension is rather suspicious, and why did they close the case without making her pay a fine at least?

I do understand why they’re not happy with the ruling but anyone who was not happy should have prosecuted Bom back then. Why is it that they’re saying its abnormal 4 years after all that had happened?

Why are you opening it up now? Where are you going with this? Do you want to investigate YG?

I find it weird that she didn’t pay a fine or anything. It was also very strange that she bought them under someone else’s name. But since I am not a lawyer nor someone very familiar with her case, I can’t take any side in this. What do you think of this?

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