First Stills Of Park Hae Jin In Upcoming Drama “Four Sons” Released

The highly anticipated upcoming Korean drama “Four Sons” starring Park Hae Jin has released its first teaser stills.

The released photos are that of one of the characters he is playing, Chen. Chen is a killer with no heart; he is cold and rarely talks. He’s also a professional when it comes to fighting, and likes to do his job in silence without trouble.

In one photo he is wearing a black helmet that covers his scarred face and the other photo shows he is looking at someone holding a knife in his hand with a cold look.

Chen is a character that changes after he meets Il Hoon (also played by Park Hae Jin), Yeo Rin (Nana) and her family.

“Four Sons” is a romantic fantasy crime drama about a female who loses her boyfriend, she tries her best to uncover the truth behind his death, in the process she meets his three identical brothers.

All eyes are on Park Hae Jin, since he is playing four characters, fans are anticipating to see the drama.

The drama is yet to find a broadcasting station, for now it is set to air during the second half of 2018.

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