“Come Here And Give Me A Hug” Releases First Teaser Video Featuring Its Three Main Leads


The upcoming MBC drama has released its first teaser and its intense!

“Come Here And Give Me A Hug” is about a romance that develops between two people who have been hurt by murders that occurred in the past. It’s a drama that will focus on healing and hope.

Chang Ki Yong plays the role of a police officer named Chae Do Jin, while Jin Ki Joo plays the role of the actress who lost both her parents at a young age to Chae Do Jin’s father who is the serial killer; she tries to live her life happily despite her painful past.

The first teaser goes from light and fluffy to dark and intense very fast, it starts off with the younger versions of the two leads meeting under the cherry blossom then it switches to them hugging each other in fear while Chae Do Jin’s father (Heo Jun Hee) slowly approaches them with a hammer smothered in blood.

Chang Ki Yong’s character then says “Nak Won, I will protect you, no matter what!”

The upcoming drama will air after “Let’s Hold Hands Tightly And Watch The Sunset,” it will air its first episode in May.

My Thoughts

I am just happy to see Ki Yong take on his first leading role EVER, he is the cutest and such a good actor, he’s doing an amazing job in “My Ahjussi” as the bad guy.

He will do great things in the future, he is one of the most solid model-turned-actors I have ever seen. How can you not love him?

Besides, anything that has Heo Jun Hee in it is probably great. He is an exceptional actor.


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