YG Entertainment Releases Response To T.O.P’s Ongoing Investigation Allegations

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On March 19, It has been revealed that BIGBANG T.O.P is currently under investigation by Yongsan District because of the release of “Flower Road.”

Yongsan district made an inquiry to Seoul’s police asking whether T.O.P broke article 28 of the laws regulating public service workers, the article states that public service workers are not allowed to assume any other job while enlisted.

Following the reports, YG Entertainment released a response to the ordeal and said,

“Fans already knew that the song was recorded two years ago while the group was working on ‘MADE’ album. And its known to the public through media reports. We don’t understand why this has been made into an issue.”

“Flower Road” is already a huge success in many places around the world including its own home country; it recently achieved a perfect all-kill in Korean charts, Japanese and Chinese charts with record-breaking numbers.

Many fans were frustrated with the reports since many idols have previously released songs following their military enlistment as gifts for their fans.

We hope that issue gets resolved soon!

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  1. We can see that they are jealous of TOP because of his talent his haters want to pull his leg….don’t give up TOP & other Big Bang member VIPs are always with u from the whole world…. Lots of love…. & God Bless u all…. Fighting!!!

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