YG Entertainment Releases An Emergency Statement Addressing Fan Mail To Gdragon


on March 10, YG Entertainment released an urgent statement addressing the ridiculous amount of fan mail Gdragon of BIGBANG has been receiving ever since he enlisted in the military.

The idol joined the infamous white skull division and was greeted by fans on February 27, who stood in the cold to say goodbye to him one last time.

Since his military location is known, this began to cause problems for the military. The huge amount of fan mail sent to him hindered the unit he’s serving in, and his fellow soldiers were also not receiving their letters as a result.

The agency released this statment asking fans to stop sending fan mail to Gdragon.

Here is a translation of the full statement:

“This is an urgent message from YG Entertainment to all of Gdragon’s fans.

On Feberuary 27, Gdragon enlisted in the military to fulfill his mandatory military service. Thank you to all of your warm support, he’s been doing well with training.

Gdragon has been in an awkward position due to the large number of letters he’s been receiving, so we ask this of you.

The training center email account has been flooded with messages to Gdragon, to the point that its been hindering the operations of the unit. The unit prints out emails and distribute them to the soldier, the A4 paper and printer ink have almost ran out.

Due to the huge overload, the unit is having a problem keeping up with the supply and the huge demand created by the messages. This made it difficult to receive the letters.

This made Gdragon feel extremely apologetic towards his fellow soldiers, and he is even more sorry that he is not able to read all the messages that were sent to him.

He is in a new environment, he is also very thankful to all of his fans and he feels the strength from their support. However, in order for Gdragon’s life at the training center go well, we would greatly appreciate it if you could refrain from sending their letters.

Thank you for reading until the end.”

Gdragon will be discharged from the military on November 26, 2019.

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