Woo Do Hwan Shares The Cutest Selfie With Red Velvet’s Joy


On March 8, the main cast of the upcoming MBC drama “Great Seducer” and Kang In PD attended the press conference for the drama in MBC’s building.

The two leads of the drama Woo Do Hwan and Red Velvet’s Joy share great chemistry on and off screen, Woo Do Hwan took to Instagram to share the cutest selfie, he captioned the photos with Joy’s character (in Great Seducer) name Tae Hee.


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There has been some controversy surrouding Woo Do Hwan’s selfies with his upcoming MBC drama cast lately, as many Red Velvet fans were not very happy when they saw the rest of the cast including Moon Ga Yeong and Kim Min Jae sharing cute selfies and excluding Joy.

일주일 뒤에 만나요💋💋💋

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Some fans criticized the cast while some others pointed out that Joy was busy promoting with her group which explains why she wasn’t in their most recent selfies.

“Great Seducer” will air its first episode on March 12.

Don’t they look absolutely adorable together?


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