Woo Do Hwan And Park Seo Joon Might Work Together In Upcoming Movie


In February 2018, it was revealed that Park Seo Joon was considering an offer to starr in the upcoming movie “Saja;” new reports revealed that he might be joined by the rising star Woo Do Hwan.

A source of Woo Do Hwan’s agency revealed that he received an offer to play the villain role in the upcoming movie “Saja,” the actor is positively considering the role, said the source.

If Woo Do Hwan accepts, this will be his first lead role in a movie. He might be joined by Park Seo Joon and Ahn Sung Ki who are also still in talks for the upcoming movie.

The movie will be directed by Kim Joo Hwan, whose previous works includes “Midnight Runners.” The movie tells the story of a man who loses his father.

Woo Do Hwan is currently seducing Red Velvet’s Joy and other kdramas fans with his charisma in MBC’s “Great Seducer.”

What do you think of the possible pairing?

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My Thoughts

I am SCREMAING right now, omg, this is the perfect casting, please make it happen, pllllleeeeeaaasssse.

I honestly thought that Park Seo Joon has already been confirmed for the upcoming movie, but since he worked with the director before and “Midnight Runners” was a hit I predict that he might accept the offer.

‘Positively considering’ is almost a YES in kdrama land, but you never know. I would love to See Do Hwan and Seo Joon in the same frame. Woo Do Hwan can play the baddie role so well, I am sure of it.

I am super excited~


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