T.O.P Revealed To Have Used His Vacation Days To Especially Send Off Gdragon To The Military


On March 2nd, Phillip Chun, a friend of BIGBANG, shared a couple of heartwarming photos of T.O.P and Gdragon in a car prior to his enlistment, T.O.P was there to say goodbye to his fellow member who will be leaving for the military.

Fans were wondering how was T.O.P was able to be there and send off Gdragon when he was serving in the military.


On the same day, a representative from the government district office in Yongsan revealed to YTN News that T.O.P used his official vacation days to be able to send off Gdragon to the military.

Each public service worker has official vacation days they’re allowed to used when needed, T.O.P willingly used his precious vacation days to be there for Gdragon ahead of his military enlistment.

Meanwhile, Gdragon is scheduled to be discharged on November 26, 2019.

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