Steve Aoki And Desiigner Get Tattoos In Celebrations Of Their Collaboration With BTS

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BTS army has received the shock of their lives when they found out that Steve Aoki and Desiigner got tattoos of their hit track with the sensational Kpop band BTS.

The famous DJ along with the rising rapper Desiigner hit a tattoo shop to get tattoos in support of BTS and armies. Steve Aoki said to fans,

“All the BTS fans out there, we love you guys. You made this record so special for me and Desiigner as well.”

In his snapchat stories, he shared the entire journey of him and Desiigner getting the tattoos. They were both very excited and happy to be getting them.

In another video, Steve Aoki was flashing his new tattoo.

The fandom of BTS couldn’t believe their eyes, some even dubbed the duo, the ultimate BTS stans. Some of the fans comments include,

“I never seen any other fanboys that really hype like @designer and @steveaoki.”

“I’m so happy that @BTS_twt is working with the right artists who are genuine and true to their music. They maybe miles apart but they never fail to hype them and praise them for their work.”

“Omg they are so cute!!!

And Desiigner trying to distract himself with rapping mic drop when he was tattooing.”

What do you think of those tattoos do you like them?

My Reaction

What the actual hell? Hahahahahahah, this is so funny! I was literally shocked throughout those videos, I can’t believe they got those tattoos.

I like tattoos in general, but to be getting one for my group would be especially difficult. I am cautious about what goes on my body, I mean, it must mean that they either are huge BTS fanboys or they were high AF.

I mean just looking at Desiigner, I can tell he’s high, its so funny, the video is so funny. You need to be a special dedicated fan to ink yourself with something that represents a boy/girl group.

How can you hate those two? I just love them 😉

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