The upcoming SBS drama “Secret Mother” courted Song Jae Rim, Song Yoon Ah, Kim Tae Woo, and Kim So Yeon to play the four leading roles.

It has been revealed that the four actors received offers to starr in the upcoming drama, they’re positively reviewing the offers and might be starring in the upcoming drama.

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“Secret Mother” is a mystery thriller that will tell the story of a secretive mysterious surrogate mother who enters a house of a woman who hides the secret behind her child’s death. It will deal with the term of ‘surrogate mother’ in which a female carries the child of another male and female.

Song Yoon Ah has been offered the role of a former doctor turned full housewife Kim Yoo Jin. After her father’s death she becomes the head of the medical foundation, she then marries her husband and becomes pregnant. If she accepts this offer it will be her first drama in two years following tvN’s “The K2.”

Kim Tae Woo has been offered the role of a police chief officer who graduated with honorable degree, if he accepts he will play Song Yoon Ah’s on-screen husband.

Song Jae Rim has been offered the role of Ha Jung Hwan, a homicide detective; he is blunt and selfish but a persistent character who follows through with his actions.

Kim So Yeon has been offered the role of Lisa Kim, the surrogate mother to children studying in the US and living in her homestay. If she accepts the offer, this will be her first drama since 2016’s “Happy Home,” the drama where she met her husband Lee Sang Woo.

“Secret Mother” is planning to air in May following “Good Witch.”

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My Thoughts

Anything Song Jae Rim I am in. But this cast is just amazing, such a star studded cast and the theme is something we rarely see kdramas discussing, the subject of surrogates.

Beside it must be that Kim Yoo Jung is really sick, because the upcoming drama in which Song Jae Rim plays the second lead alongside Kim Yoo Jung in “Clean with passion for now” was supposed to air in May, if he’s reviewing an offer to be one of the leads in a drama this probably means that “Clean with passion for now” has been delayed for the latter half of 2018.

If he accepts and he’s taking on a lead role in a weekend drama that has more than 20 episodes it means a couple of months worth of work, we will have to wait longer to see “Clean with passion for now.” anyways, I am super excited about the upcoming drama!