So Ji Sub And Son Ye Jin’s New Movie “Be With You” Surpasses 1 Million Moviegoers

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The new melo-romance movie based on a Japanese novel has reached a huge new milestone, it recently surpassed 1 million in tickets sale.

The movie was released on March 14, it tells the story of a husband Woo Jin (So Ji Sub) who takes care of his son (Kim Ji Hwan) after his wife passed away (Son Ye Jin). Before his wife passed away she promised she will come one year later on a rainy day, she miraculously appear but she doesn’t remember anything.

In celebration of this huge new milestone, the main cast which includes So Ji Sub, Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji Hwan and director Lee Jang Hoon got together and shared photos of their small celebration of the huge new milestone.

It is already one of Korea’s best performing films released in March. The movie has surpassed “Architecture 101” to the 1 million viewer’s milestone; “Architecture 101” reached this feat in 8 days, while “Be With You” reached it in 7 days.

The movie has very high ratings and many think it will become the next big hit, it has 97% on Golden Egg index of movie theater CGV’s website, as well as 9.06 point on Naver movie site.

Congratulations to the cast and crew behind “Be With You” for this amazing new feat.

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My Thoughts

I watched the trailer and it looks heartbreaking, I will certainly watch and review it when it becomes available online, I live in a place far far away, no theatres shows Korean movies where I live.

I am happy for So Ji Sub oppa, he is on a role, with his 2017 hit movie alongside Song Joong Ki and his most recent movie, he is slowly getting back his career to the top tier, he suffered from a recess in 2015-2016.

I am also happy for Son Ye Jin unnie and can’t wait to see her upcoming drama alongside Jung Hae In which airs in 10 days, super excited.

Have you watched the movie yet? and if you did would you recommend it to others?

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