Seo Kang Joon Says He Doesn’t Have Desire To Earn Money Or Gain Fame

Actor Seo Kang Joon is the cover model of Elle Magazine, after he took some photos he sat down for an interview with the magazine and discussed his acting method and his ambition as an actor.

He is taking on two roles for his upcoming drama, an AI robot and a human, in the upcoming KBS series “Are You Human Too?” he plays the role of Nam Shin and Nam Shin III, a robot that replaces a conglomerate named Nam Shin who goes into a coma, he has a bodyguard (played by Gong Seung Yeon), he falls in love with her.

About his character he said,

“Even when its an actor job to take on many types of characters, I find myself lucky to have the opportunity to play an entity that is not alive.”

He also revealed that he does not aim to gain popularity or earn a lot of money, he said,

“I don’t have the desire to earn money or gain a lot of popularity. I always try to focus on myself. If I allow others to set the standards for my goals or values, I think I will be swayed whenever people say anything about me.”

“Are You Human Too?” will air during the second half of 2018.

Source: ELLE Korea

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