Private Funeral For Actor Jo Min Ki Held, Family Revealed To Be In Deep Pain Following His Sudden Passing


Actor Jo Min Ki was found dead in a storage room of an apartment basement by his wife on March 9, his wife called the ambulance were he was moved to a hospital and pronounced dead there.

The actor was being investigated by police for various sexual harassment charges, his funeral took place on March 9, at the funeral home of Konkuk University Hospital.

The family of the deceased asked for the press to leave and to give them space to grieve alone, thus moving the location of the funeral from room 204 to room 201.

According to Xports News, Jo Min Ki’s son, who is currently serving in the military, came to the funeral and joined the rest of his family.

According to representative of the family side, it was also revealed that the family is in deep shock and pain so much that that they cannot release a statement regarding what happened.

May his soul rest in peace!


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