The leader of the popular Korean band CNBLUE has enlisted in the military on March 5th.

Jung Yong Hwa enlisted quietly to the “Victory Division” located in Kangwon-do Hwacheon-goon. Hundreds of fans showed up to support the idol ahead of his enlistment.

Shortly after he enlisted, his agency FNC Entertainment confirmed that he has official joined the military, soon after that photos of the idol at the military entrance ceremony were released.

The idol can be seen with a buzz hair cut looking sharp and attentive during the ceremony.

Jung Yong Hwa will be discharged on December 4, 2019.

My Thoughts

Many news outlets beside ours are reporting that he entered straight through without even saying goodbye to the fans who stood there in the cold to greet him one last time.

While it did upset me, I chose to not be so judgmental. We all know the huge allegations against him because of a mere university. I bet he felt somehow shy and uncomfortable.

He doesn’t look so well in the photos, I just hope that he’s doing well! he appears to be slightly scared and sad. Those online malicious comments about a mere university admission program must’ve hurt!

Stay strong oppa! We will wait for you!