Oh Yeon Seo Talks About Working With Lee Seung Gi in tvN’s “Hwayugi”


Oh Yeon Seo recently sat down for an interview to talk about her recently concluded drama “Hwayugi.
Despite their similar age (both born in 1987), they use a weird approach, she admitted,

“I was born in 1987 and Seung Gi was born at the beginning of 1987. It would’ve been more comfortable if we met at school, but since we met in a business setting we have a peculiar relationship, we use a mix of casual and formal speech and refer to each other formally.”

The actress had nothing but praise for her co-star who worked hard juggling filming a drama and a variety show at the same time, she said,

“He is a passionate person. He works super hard on set.

Oh Gong is not easy to play. However, he always managed to keep a smile on his face and tried to make the set a fun place. Even when he had a lot to do. He tried to bring a bright atmosphere to the set.

I received a lot of Oh Gong love while on set.”

She talked about the cold winter they had to work in, she said,

“This past winter was so so cold. Seung Gi wears fur coats in ‘Hwayugi’ but its not warm as I may appear to be. It also became smaller as time went by. He said that this cold is nothing compared to the army life he used to live.

He didn’t even wear long underwear. I would wear layers not afraid of looking large because it was so cold. When I asked him how he could withstand it, he said ‘I went to army.’ I can count in one hand the number of times he worse long underwear on the set. I really think he’s an amazing person.”

What did you think of the on-screen couple? Do you ship them in real life?

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My Thoughts

Because of course, it would be very weird if Seung Gi oppa didn’t talk about military, of course he would, this is all he talks about these days. 😉 How can you not love him?

I sensed some awkwardness on camera. Those two didn’t appear so lovey dovey like some other couples I saw in other kdramas ( calm down shippers).

You could always sense a barrier even when they said the sweetest things to each other. Like they’re just business partners, there was this barrier I think they never got passed.

For example, Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won became close on the set of the drama, not only acting well around each other but also caring about one another as I saw from BTS stills, it felt as if they were real friends transitioning into lovers.

I couldn’t feel that same energy in “Hwayugi,” while others raved about their chemistry, I just thought they worked well together to get rid of demons, I never once shipped them together.

I feel like they respect each other and were only co-stars and will always remain just that! But hey! This is only my opinion, I bet many of you will disagree with me.

How did you guys feel about their chemistry?


  1. I beg to disagree, you can’t fake chemistry.. as they say, “The eyes are the windows to your soul”. Judging how they interact with each other on or off cam, they get along pretty well and there is admiration and attraction.. We will see how far their relationship will go if it’s only all for the show..

  2. why can’t there be a second season to this? when hwayugi first came out i thought ” this looks okay, but doesn’t peek my interest” months later finally decided to watch it. why? because i had nothing else to watch and boy was i hooked on it. finished the show in three days. i was too glad i waited for it to finish before i watched it. i would have died from anxiety. in all honesty this show made me laugh, cry, and awe at the show. i fell in love with it. the ending made it seem like it should have a second season. this show made fans. and i believe that if there was a second season to this show it would be a hit. alot of people are commenting on making a second season. and i know they don’t make second season to korean shows. but this show needs it. hwayugi has fans all over the world. we need a show that makes us anxious, desperate, and just melting our cold hearts.


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