The highly anticipated second season of KBS’s “Mystery Queen 2” premiered on February 28. It went up against the popular SBS series “Return.”

Here is how well it panned out against “Return.”

Wednesday 28th February, 2018 Ratings

The first episode of “Mystery Queen 2” started off with 5.9% according to Nielsen Korea. Its 5.3% lower than its first season first episode’s ratings, it rated 11.2%.

SBS’s “Return” continues to top the ratings race with 11.5% and 15.52% its slightly lower than its previous episode but its still leading the ratings race.

Thursday March 1st, 2018 Ratings

According to Nielsen Korea, “Mystery Queen 2” episode 2 rated 6.5% which is a slight increase than its first episode.

SBS’s “Return” continues to top the race, it rated 13.6% and 16.3% which is also an increase from its previous episodes.

MBC’s “Independence Movement Day Encore Special” rated 2.9%.

Have you checked out the premiere of “Mystery Queen 2” yet?

Source: Nielsen Korea


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