MONSTA X Talk About Hoping To Gain More Recognition In Their Own Country


MONSTA X recently sat down for an interview to talk about their most recent comeback with “The Connect,” in an interview with SBS funE, they talked about their aspirations, dreams and working hard to gain recognition in South Korea.

The members revealed that its difficult to chart high, but they were hopeful with their most recent release and recalled the unexpected success of “Dramarama,” they revealed that they had no high expectations for their previous comeback but were pleasantly surprised and happy with the success it got.

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Minhyuk revealed that he was trying hard not to expect much but was slightly hopeful that they might chart well this time around as well. He added,

“I want our group to win first place on lots of music shows this time.”

The group also touched on what they could have done better, and Shownu revealed that they wish they were more outgoing and lively on variety shows.

Regarding the group’s popularity in their own country, they revealed that they would like to gain public recognition, Hyungwon said,

“Its true that there are still many people who don’t recognize us even though we worked so hard. Since we keep delivering good music and performances, we hope that in the future there will come a time when they recognize us and look for us.”

Wonho added,

“We thought getting first place on music shows would be an easy feat as we debuted but then we realized that it was very hard to do in reality, even though we didn’t get the results we expected, I feel like I want to do even better for my precious fans.”

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