MBC is teasing kdrama fans’ patience with the“Great Seducer” first official poster which features leads Woo Do Hwan and Red Velvet’s Joy.

The newly released poster is in black and white, it shows the two leads Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo Do Hwan) and Eun Tae Hee (Joy) leaning in for a kiss.

Most of their features are hidden in black, the first official poster is veiled with darkness, their facial expressions do not indicate a clear picture of whether they like or dislike each other.

The sexual tension in the photo points back to the push and pull relationship between Kwon Shi Hyun as he tries to seduce Eun Tae Hee.


“Love Game” is a seductive romance drama that tells the story of a man (Kwon Shi Hyun) and a woman (Eun Tae Hee) in their twenties who get involved in a serious love game, not knowing that they might be endangering their entire lives.

The upcoming drama will take over MBC’s Monday & Tuesday 20:00 time slot previously occupied by “Two Cops.” and is set to air on March 12.


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