Lee Seung Gi Reveals That No Female Celebrity Visited Him In The Army As They Promised


Lee Seung Gi, still, can’t stop talking about his military life, but this time, it was because he was asked about it! 😉

The beloved Korean actor sat down for an interview with MC Park Kyung Lim to talk himself in VLive ‘V Movie’ channel. He talked about many things including his military life.

He revealed that he was calm when he entered the military however, he added,

“It turned out to be not so cool when I entered. The training center was so cold and the soldiers fell sick. The cold just couldn’t go away…”

Lee Seung Gi and the MC also laughed about how long his military service felt like, he was one of the most anticipated Korean actors to be discharged from the military, the public missed him so much it felt like his military enlistment was longer.

He was also asked about which celebrities visited him, he revealed that Lee Soo Guen and Kim Jong Min (comedians and entertainers) came to visit him, he then added,

“The female celebrities who said they would come didn’t.”

His remark saddened the public who felt for the beloved actor who must’ve been waiting to see his female friends while serving in the military.

Its okay, Lee Seung Gi oppa, we would’ve visited if we weren’t 10,000 miles apart.

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