Lee Se Young Says She Fully Supports The #MeToo Movement


Actress Lee Se Young touched on the topic of “Me Too” movement that has been sweeping Korean news recently.

She sat down for an interview where she talked about the movement, she believe that its far from over but there is room for things to get better, she said,

“The movement is very meaningful. Honestly, its not live we don’t know about it. All of us! However, there are people who cannot publicly talk about it. I don’t think things will change overnight, but there is room for improvement.”

The actress also stood by men’s side and added that men also belong to the movement, anyone can be affected it by it. She said,

“Men also suffer from this; there are a lot of incidents with them as well. Those situations they cannot easily talk about. I am thankful to those who mustered up the courage to talk about it. Things will improve little by little. I hope that there won’t be more people hurt by this.”

The actress also talked about her love for acting, she made her debut at the tender age of five back in 1997. She said,

“I think it’s a blessing to be able to do this [act], it’s also fun to play different characters in my dramas.”

What do you think of what Lee Se Young said?

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My Thoughts

I totally agree with Lee Se Young, she is right! Men also suffer from this in silence. She is also right about things not getting better immediately, these things need time, but it feels like there is room for improvement.

It will take time. But hopefully, people will think twice before touching someone inappropriately.

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