Kang Sora And Yoon Hyun Min Join Forces For Upcoming Webtoon Drama Adaptation


Kang Sora and Yoon Hyun Min are leading the upcoming drama “Gyeryong Goddess.”

Both actors accepted the offer to lead the upcoming webtoon based adaptation “Gyeryong Goddess.” The webtoon is being currently updated weekly.

It tells the story of a fairy who has lived through Goryeo and Joseon dynasties and is now a 699-year old barista who is waiting for her husband to be reincarnated.

Yoon Hyun Min agency as well as Kang Sora confirmed that they’d be joining the upcoming drama.

“Gyeryong Goddess” is currently looking for a broadcasting network, it will be produced by JS Pictures and directed by PD Kim Yoon Chul whose previous works includes “Can We Love?” and “Madame Antoine.”

What do you think of the pairing?

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My Thoughts

As long as its not a historical drama, I’ll be watching 😉. I just don’t like historical dramas.

The pairing is not something that has ever crossed my mind. I am interested in seeing how will they’d do together.

Koreans have had mixed experiences with adapting webtoons. The problem here is that the webtoon is currently being weekly updated. We all remember the outrage of “Cheese in the trap,” the drama adaptation caused a stir because the webtoon itself was updating as the drama was airing.

Also, when I found out that the PD is PD Kim Yoon Chul I was a bit disappointed. I watched “Madame Antoine,” and was disappointed, the PD promised that it would be different but it was just like every other drama, I was not happy with it.

So I have mixed feelings for a couple of reasons, but both actors are amazing. Kang Sora’s projects are a miss or a hit for me, but Yoon Hyun Min chooses good projects usually.

What about you guys? How are you feeling about the drama?



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