Jang Hyuk, 2PM’s Junho And Jung Ryeo Won Confirmed For Upcoming SBS Drama

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Jang Hyuk, 2PM’s Junho, and Jung Ryeo Won will lead the upcoming SBS drama “Greasy Melo,” their agencies confirmed in statements recently.

The three main leads have confirmed their appearance in the upcoming drama on the same day, on March 21st. First up was Jung Ryeo Won, she was followed by Jang Hyuk and 2PM’s Junho who play the second and first male leads respectively.

2PM’s Junho is taking on his first leading role in a major broadcasting station following his first lead role in cable channel JTBC with “Just Between Lovers” earlier in 2019, he is set to take on the role of chef Soe Poong, he is talented and was very famous but due to a series of events he downgraded to a Chinese restaurant and his business is failing.

Jang Hyuk is taking on the role of Doo Chil Sung, a moneylender and someone who spent time in jail.

Jung Ryeo Won will take on the role of Dan Sae Woo, a chaebol daughter who refuses congratulatory wedding money but still takes a lot of money from her dad as a ‘wedding allowance.’ Her life changes after she stumbles upon a restaurant and eats a bowl of jajangmyun.

The drama is penned by writer Seo Sook Hyang whose previous works include “Jealousy Incarnate” and “Pasta.” It will be directed by the same director who worked on “Suspicious Partner.”

“Greasy Melo” will take on the time slot currently occupied by “Should We Kiss First,” it will air its first episode in May.

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