In light of recent news confirming Suzy and Lee Dong Wook were dating, fans went back to previous broadcasts in which Suzy talked about her current boyfriend.

She didn’t only talk about him during an SBS variety show back in 2012 but also in a previous one back in 2011.

IU previously appeared in an episode on KBS’s “Win Win,” her close friends Suzy and Yoo In Na came in and surprised her, they teased each other on screen.

During their interview, Suzy spoke about her love to IU and talked more about how the two girls spend their time,  Lee Soo Geun then asked Suzy whether she knew about IU’s ideal type, Suzy said,

“IU bragged to me that one day Lee Dong Wook named her as his ideal type, she also kept asking me if I was jealous.”

IU commented,

“Suzy also bragged to me saying that Lee Min Ki liked her.”

To which Suzy laughed and replied, “That was a lie!” which made the whole set burst into laughter.

Fans have also dug up another incident in which Suzy talked about Lee Dong Wook, it was during 2012’s “Strong Heart,” you can read about it here.

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