The first MBC Monday-Tuesday 10:00 pm drama in approx. two months have premiered, but how well did it pan out against KBS and SBS currently airing dramas?

As expected, SBS’s “Shall We Kiss First” was the ultimate winner and the only drama with double digit ratings among its contenders.

Monday 12 March Ratings

SBS’s “Shall We Kiss First” rated 8.5% and 10.4% coming in first place. While MBC’s first episodes of “Great Seducer” rated 3.6% and 3.4%.

In the last place, KBS 2TV “Radio Romance” rated 2.9%.

Tuesday 13 March Ratings

Again, SBS’s “Shall We Kiss First” was the winner. According to Nielsen Korea, it rated 8.5% and 10.9% which is 0.5% higher than its previous episode.

MBC’s “Great Seducer” rated even lower with its 3rd and 4th episodes, they rated 3.1% and 2.7%, while KBS 2TV “Radio Romance” rated 2.9%.

Source:  Nielsen Korea


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