How Did “Great Seducer” Do Opposite “Radio Romance” And “Shall We Kiss First” With Its Premiere?


The first MBC Monday-Tuesday 10:00 pm drama in approx. two months have premiered, but how well did it pan out against KBS and SBS currently airing dramas?

As expected, SBS’s “Shall We Kiss First” was the ultimate winner and the only drama with double digit ratings among its contenders.

Monday 12 March Ratings

SBS’s “Shall We Kiss First” rated 8.5% and 10.4% coming in first place. While MBC’s first episodes of “Great Seducer” rated 3.6% and 3.4%.

In the last place, KBS 2TV “Radio Romance” rated 2.9%.

Tuesday 13 March Ratings

Again, SBS’s “Shall We Kiss First” was the winner. According to Nielsen Korea, it rated 8.5% and 10.9% which is 0.5% higher than its previous episode.

MBC’s “Great Seducer” rated even lower with its 3rd and 4th episodes, they rated 3.1% and 2.7%, while KBS 2TV “Radio Romance” rated 2.9%.

Source:  Nielsen Korea

My Thoughts

I didn’t expect that the new MBC drama was going to be a huge hit, following the strike and its fallout, it was only expected that the drama; which premiered after a long time slot hiatus; will not do that well.

Which is why MBC’s marketing campaign for the drama was aggressive in a sense, they needed to get everyone excited for the drama.

With all honesty I am a bit shocked that the ratings are THIS low, I expected it would rate around 5% but was shocked by the 3% mark.

But its not a surprise if you dig deeper into the cast of the drama. They’re all young actors with no huge audience under their belt, they were not going to attract people unless the story line is different, unique and great or that MBC’s marketing campaign worked.

I won’t blame the main cast or Joy as many are doing at the moment, I will have to see the drama for myself before I decide whether its just as bad as some kdrama fans are claiming her acting to be.

Don’t wanna be saying ‘I told you so’ about the casting choice of Joy for now, but ya…

Did you check out the premiere of “Great Seducer”? what did you think of it?


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