How BIGBANG Set An Example For Younger Groups With Their Military Enlistment Attitude

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The five members of BIGBANG have come a long way, despite all the hardship they endured and continue to face, their friendship remains unfazed, it stands the test of time.Since Daesung has been only recently confirmed to enlist in the military a day after Taeyang enlists. I thought it would be only proper to write an article discussing why I am such a huge fan of the entire group military attitude.

T.O.P enlisted earlier than the others because of his age, he is the eldest of the group and had to enlist at first. Back in 2017 End year concert held by the remaining four BIGBANG members, we were promised that the group will return together as soon as possible.

The members indirectly hinted that they would be enlisting together or around the same time to decrease the hiatus period. They actually went through with their promise and I loved that.

Its very rare to find Kpop male groups with members willingly enlisting all around the same time, that’s not to say that all groups should follow in BIGBANG’s stead but still they set a great example.

Daesung will enlist earlier than we had anticipated, YG Entertainment also announced that Seungri would be enlisting right after he releases the solo album he’s been working on.

Which means that if we were to expect Seungri to release an album in the first half of this year, he would be enlisting 3-5 months from now. Meaning that when he’s discharged, it would be not too long after his hyungs do.

By early to mid-2020, all of the BIGBANG members will be reuniting as a group of five. Many of us were scared that they would take too long, but it seems like they’re coming back wayyy sooner than we expected, and I love this.

Daesung and Seungri could’ve delayed their enlistment and not voluntarily enlist, no one would’ve blamed them if they did that, yet they considered BIGBANG as a group and thoughtfully and willingly volunteered to enlist.

BIGBANG is a great example to all the Kpop groups out there, I am skeptical when it comes to calling a group ‘kings’ or ‘queens’ but I will and for obvious reasons call them the kings of Kpop.

Adding to that the obvious, that they can still succeed on their own. Meaning that they don’t really need to stay together as BIGBANG forever. Despite it being many people’s dream to go solo and be independent, the members of BIGBANG are faithful to their group.

Despite all that happened in the past and with the most recent T.O.P scandal, their friendship is still strong, the things they went through could’ve easily ended their relationship but instead of crumbling against pressure they stood tall through it.

I salute their attitude and their dedication to the group and their fans. Thank you for being who you are. We love you all, we will miss you, but we can’t wait to see you comeback together in 2020.

Thank you all for reading, are you also a fan of BIGBANG?

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  1. Im a big huge fan if they will be gone ill wait for them ill rest for a while too save money for their concert and be better person when we meet again as a fan and an idol
    They are the reason why i keep on fighting

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