GOT7 Says They Know They Are More Popular Internationally Than In Korea


The boys of GOT7 recently sat down for an interview to discuss their goals, future and global popularity.

Their most recent 2018 comeback was with their title track “Look” and their new mini album titled “Eyes on You.” The members talked about their goals for each track and the promotions, they explained that they were done to become more known to people.

About their unique color they said,

“Its because we’re sort of freewheeling, we have a lot of energy and we tried a lot of concepts, we also enjoy ourselves on stage the best. We want to continue to have fun in the future. We’re pursuing bright and cool energy.”

GOT7 made their debut back in 2014, they were the first boy group created after 2PM. The group attracted attention with their acrobatic performances. The group used to be compared to 2PM, but they quickly managed to attract lots of international fans with the help of their foreign line members Jackson, Mark and Bam Bam.

The group admitted that they know they get more recognition abroad than in Korea, they said,

“Objectively speaking, we get more praise abroad than in Korea, when we go to the home countries of our foreign members, we get more popular, we think its because we have lots of foreign members, which means we can communicate well with fans.

Thankfully, our fans like the group as whole instead of individual members.”

They also talked about their ambitions, they stated,

“We want to go higher, we have great ambition, and our results are still lacking. There are times when we make mistakes on stage, but we have confidence in our skills. We just feel regretful in terms of results and popularity, so we plan on going higher. We’re happy that we can still aim higher.”

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 My Thoughts

People are going to bash me for saying this, but I agree with every single thing the group said, and with all honesty, they’re nowhere near the popularity level 2PM once enjoyed.

If you mention 2PM, Koreans will probably recite a song or two, if you mention GOT7, it’s a totally different story. I am yet to see one of their songs skyrocketing in Korea.

In my humble opinion and it pains me to say so, but I don’t like the majority of their songs. don’t get me wrong, that’s only my opinion and it doesn’t mean I don’t like the members, I adore them and I am a JYP stan as well, but I just could never bring myself to like any of their recent releases….

I always felt like there was something missing in their songs, there is no ‘ahh, that’s going to be a huge hit’ moment for me. For the past 3 years I disliked all of their title tracks, “Look” is okay but I don’t like the direction the group went in musically.

“Look” is their most successful title track to date, it charted the highest, I always kept track of their performance on Korean music charts but normally found them somewhere in the middle, not too popular but also not completely forgotten. “Look” broke that norm a bit, I was so happy for the group when I saw they topped many real time charts.

I get the boys and their worries, it hurts when people outside your country like you and your music more than your own people do. I always wish the boy the best of success and know they have it in them, but still I am yet to see a huge hit track that tops all real time charts and gets a perfect-all-kill.

We need that, where is that hit track, JYP should get them a huge producer like Teddy, Zico or Dean to work on one of their songs, it would be interesting to see how well will the song chart if they do that.

They can still get there and I believe in them. GOT7 fighting~


  1. I agree that they enjoy more fame internationally than natively. It hurts me whenever they are compared (in an unfavourable manner) to 2PM, and I’m sure it hurts them too. Personally I love all their songs and they have some great meanings (I really “Fly” for instance). I only wish for the best for them!! <3


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