The Four Korean Dramas That Aired This Weekend

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On March 3rd, four new Korean dramas aired, Korean drama fans have a lot to catch up on and many great new dramas to see.

“My Husband Oh Jak Doo”

After School’s Uee 2018 comeback drama is “My Husband Oh Jak Doo,” the drama tells the story of a woman in her 30s, she is good at her job but wants to win the social prominence by becoming a married woman, she marries Oh Jak Doo, their marriage is not based on love but their relationship progresses into one.

The drama is led by UEE, Kim Kang Woo, Jung Sang Hoon, Han Sunhwa, Park Jung Soo, Sul Jung Hwan.

The drama airs each Saturday.

“Good Witch”

Lee Da Hae has been gone from the small screen for a while, she is making her 2018 comeback drama in the “Good Witch.”

“Good Witch” tells the story of a housewife Cha Sun Hee who is ‘too nice,’ and a twin sister Cha Do Hee who works at a flight attendant, a series of unexpected events forces Cha Sun Hee to pretend to be Cha Do Hee.

The drama is led by Lee Da Hae, Ryu Soo Young, An Woo Yeon, Hyejeong, Bae Soo Bin, and Solbin.

The drama airs each Saturday.

“Children of a Lesser God”

“Children of a Lesser God” takes over Saturday -Sunday time slot previously occupied by “Bad Guys 2.” It tells the story of a man who is an elite detective with a high IQ, he believes only in numbers, he meets a rookie detective who can see ghosts.

The drama is led by Kang Ji Hwan, Kim Ok Bin, Shim Hee Seop, Lee Elijah, and Jang Gwang.

“Grand Prince”

The only historical drama on this list.

“Grand Prince” is Yoon Si Yoon 2018 comeback drama.

It tells the story of two princes, who are brothers, they have a hate-love relationship. They fall in love with one woman.

The drama is led by Jin Se Yun, Joo Sang Wook, Yoon Si Yoon, Son Byung Ho, Ryu Hyo Young, and Choo Soo Hyun.

Have you checked out any of these new dramas yet?

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