The leader of BIGBANG enlisted less than a month ago; various photos of him in military attire were released.

However, not all of them were pleasant photos of the idol looking seemingly happy, fans saw that in some photos he was wearing an ankle protector and in another he was wearing an arm sling.

In the first photo which was released a couple of days ago, the idol is smiling happily knowing that he’s being photographed, he looks absolutely adorable while wearing an ankle protector.

The photo raised eye brows and made fans concerned, many sent him well wishes, but it was another photo that circulated the web a while after that made fans really worried.

He was wearing an arm sling in the photo; fans were worried about the idol who seems to have hurt his hands as well recently along with his ankle. In the photo he can be seen holding a cup which means that his injury might not be that severe but it still worries fans.

He is currently serving in the 3rd Infantry also known as the “White Skull” division. He will be discharged in November 2019.

We wish the idol a speedy recovery. Take good care of yourself GD~


  1. We have to remember that GDragons body has been put through like 16 years of grueling training up until this point- being an idol and training to be one are completely brutal so, these could be injuries that have existed for a while and now have come to light because of his new training. He is a strong Korean man who is serving his country with pride- he’s got this covered!


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